Random (feature Film)


Dr. Eileen Martin is the FBI’s best profiler and Georgetown’s most popular professor.  She has tracked down and arrested more serial killers than any Agent in the bureau’s history.  She has proven herself as an expert at identifying patterns and seeing clues that other people miss in order to solve the most difficult mysteries and crimes this nation has faced.  These skills are put to the test when a long string of seemingly random killings begin.  Every time she sees a pattern the killer changes things up.  Has Eileen finally been proven wrong that not all serial killers have a pattern and want to be caught or will it just take her longer to solve the mystery of the Random serial killer?

Status: Looking for investors or willing to sell script.

The Touch (Feature Film)


Things are not going according to Aaron Roberts' plan. The love of his life is in love with 'Dr. Amazing', a doctor-without-borders she met in Africa. His best friend, Neil, is on his case to find someone to be with to save himself from a string of hellish couple's nights with his wife Sandy. To top it all off, a geek goddess has granted him the ability to make anyone fall in love with him with only a touch. Which would be great...except, it seems,you rarely ever get what you want when you get what you wish for. 

Status: Currently in Pre-production, although looking for additional investors, with LOI's from Nicholas D'Agosto, Zoë Bell, and Andy Dick.

Christopher Biewer

Vendors (tv Pilot)


Vendors tells the story of Kyle Lydecker, a young successful business man who, after a series of unfortunate events and poor decisions, ends up losing everything and must start all over as a vendor at Wrigley Field.  Kyle believes that his plight is thanks to a curse that he shares with his favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. However, with the help of his friends Jeff and Maureen and possibly the girl of his dreams, Nadia, Kyle will discover that he had to lose everything to find himself, his purpose, and love.  The journey will not be made easy by Kyle’s inability to take responsibility for his actions, as he blames fate, the fact that his best friend Jeff is a borderline alcoholic overgrown toddler, his ex-girlfriend is vindictive and crazy, and the love of his life is soon to be engaged to the Cubs’ star player.   

Status: Rondell Sheridan signed on as Director, Emo Phillips and Artemis Pebdani are attached.  Looking for a Showrunner before pitching to networks.