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12.march 2015 update

I will now be teaching Improv to Teens in Abu Dhabi March 27-28 and Improv to Sketch for Adults in Dubai March 29-April 4, Contact Miranda Davidson Studios for information.

01.march 2015 update

Public Access screened at the Annoyance Theater in Chicago to a sold out audience.

10.april 2014 update

I have been cast in a new television pilot, Public Access, directed by Kevin Hanna. We had our first read through and it will be hilarious.  Filming begins in May.  I can't wait.


Exciting news, everyone! I will be teaching Improv to Sketch for Teens and Adults, Creating your own Webseries for Teens and Adults and Kids Improv in Dubai May 3-10 contact Miranda Davidson Studios for information.


This fabulous new website is launched.